16 video podcasts over 16 days in support of UN Women UK's campaign for Safe Spaces Now

16 Days of Activism Video Podcast


16 different Video podcasts on 16 different topics related to Violence against women in conjunction with UN Women’s annual campaign “16 Days of Activism” 

We wanted to create these videos to support women in need and to create awareness, to educate and to campaign against the violence that is still aimed towards women.


With Fundraising for UN Women UK’s Safe Spaces Now

About this video

EyeStorm Women is supporting the cause by creating 16 video podcasts with the help of the UN Women UK community, and we’re raising funding for Safe Spaces Now. One video will go out every day for the next 16 days on different topics of violence against women and girls.

In this Opening episode of our video podcast series, Chief Executive of UN Women UK, Tabitha Morton, will explain what the campaign is about, how you can help and also give us more information about Safe Spaces Now.

Find out more about UN Women UK: https://www.unwomenuk.org/


Salma Jafar, The Girls’ Network Ambassador will talk about the importance of safe spaces and mentors for young women.

Connect and explore:   / salma-jafar-615b0b1a9  



Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive human rights violation worldwide. #16 days of Activism is a call to action to end this.

Our 16 videos bring together nearly 50 women with experience and expertise on different topics of violence against women in the UK, to create awareness, share optimism and spread the word about incentives to prevent and address violence against women and girls.

What can you do? WATCH 🎬 Watch our videos, comment in support, like and share. Only by raising awareness together, can we really make a difference!

DONATE 💰 Funds are vital for growing the Safe Spaces Now initiative, so please donate here:


And Matilda Mabbitt is our Safe Spaces Now ad star 🌟

Thank you! To find out more about Mi Elfverson and EyeStorm Women:

  / mielfverson   https://www.eyestorm.org.uk


Disclaimer: Any comments and opinions expressed in this video are the participants’ own and don’t represent the EyeStorm Women UK. The material and information presented here is for general information purposes only. EyeStorm Women UK is not giving endorsement of or opposition to any specific person, movement, company, organisation, product, or service.

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