Eye Storm is on a mission to give women around the world a stronger voice.

I want to make women seen and heard and feel empowered – or simply have the confidence to show up, to make enough money for themselves and their family.

For women, being visible takes a lot of courage. A lot of time and decisions on how to show up to the world comes first. Then, the fear of being judged, not being good enough. Not being pretty enough or just not being right – being rejected and thrown back to base.

For me, that’s unacceptable: not to claim your space, not to speak your truth, not to step up to make the most of what you’re passionate about.

We live in an amazing time. Women in the western world have freedom of choice in everything. We can work, we can play, we can show up in any way we like. Not only should we treasure that, it’s almost criminal not to, a betrayal of our sisters around the world, who do not have that freedom.

I’m Mi Elfverson. I´m the founder of The Vlog Academy and my heart project is this, EYE STORM, an online visibility programme to support women all around the world to raise their voice.

After 25 years of freelancing in high-end film, TV and photography, working on everything from Kellogg’s commercials to Bond films and other Hollywood blockbusters, I set up The Vlog Academy.

I’m now supporting thousands of people to communicate better on video, get more confident in front of the camera and to connect on a deeper level with a larger audience.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than working with real people who are passionate about what they do. I’ve been brave enough to set up my own, now successful, business. I know how scary it can be, how overwhelming and tiring it can be to run your own show, and how incredibly rewarding it is when things start to flow. I’m here to share my experience and give you all the advice I can from everything I’ve learnt both in front and behind the camera – and in business.

EYE STORM is all about supporting other women at the beginning of their journey, or in the middle, when they feel stuck or frustrated, or at any point when they are ready for the really big shift.

I support you to find a smooth and enjoyable route to stand out as the go-to expert in your field and I promise I’m not going to be geeky, pushy or ask you to hustle and scream.

I support you to stand up as you – as you are – in your own skin and bones, feeling proud.

If you’re ready to make the most of your talent and knowledge, then it’s time to join EYE STORM!


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