EyeStorm works with the power of the collective to enhance women’s situations globally and there are many opportunities to get involved and reach more people. If you have an article, blog, podcast, vlog or other way of supporting women, please get in touch on: [email protected]



Ziva Voices – HerStory in the Making

Ziva is a newly launched online bookazine founded by Dr Kinga Mnich in the USA.

Ziva is committed to collecting women’s stories, amplifying their voices, and providing a network to connect women worldwide. Ziva exist to show how women influence their communities and benefit their economies through their work, to demonstrate the power of women working together, and to create a protective space to allow for growth.

We foster self-empowerment through sharing resources, building confidence, and helping women develop a growth mindset.



Women on a Mission Podcast

Women on a Mission - Sue Revell

"The Women on a Mission show was created to amplify the stories of impact-driven women who are changing the world. As a leadership coach and consultant, I’m so lucky to work with women like this every day, both as my coaching clients and in my leadership role at Practice Solutions." Sue Revell

Unmasking the feminine

Unmasking the Feminine - Rachael Talbot

UnMasking the Feminine started as my journey to reclaiming my authentic self, and became about empowering women to find their voice, their truth, be their authentic self and to share it with others. The podcast is part of that. I really hope you enjoy hearing these inspiring women share their journey, the ups and downs and the pleasure of finding their truth.

Virtually Unbreakable podcast banner

Virtually Unbreakable - Ela Senghera

Virtually Unbreakable is a podcast dedicated to empowering you to live a happier and a more fulfilling life. We talk about how to build positive self-image and confidence, become resilient, change your limiting beliefs, learn to set boundaries, improve your relationships and create a more exciting future.

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