Equity funding for women is ridiculously low

Parliament with Caroline Nokes

Yesterday we were at the House of Lords with the Female Founders Forum for their launch of “Accelerate to Excel“, their annual report featuring stories from leading women entrepreneurs, which also shows how the amount of equity funding for female-led start-ups is ridiculously low.

It was a real pleasure to meet Rt Hon Caroline Nokes, Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, a sharp and witty driving force for equality.
Only 3.5% of the total funding raised through equity investment deals in the first half of 2023 went to businesses with an all-female founding team, lower than the figure in 2013, 4.2%.
85.1% of funding was secured by all-male teams, with the remaining 11.4% going to start-ups co-led by women and men.
Margaret Mitchell’s report shows that it’s not for the lack of female-led companies. More than 150,000 companies were started by women in 2022 – 20.5% of all UK businesses.
Thank you our HeForShe champion Clive Bonny for bringing this forward. Clive will participate in our panel discussion on our Speak Up Woman! Event in Brighton on Wed 13th December 2023.

Join us for our event here:
House of Lords, Westminster, image, Big Ben
House of Lords, Westminster, image
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