The Soul Sanctuary


The Soul Sanctuary is a heart-centred space for women to nurture their soul.

The events are currently held on Zoom every first Sunday of the month at 7.30-8.30pm.

The event programme will vary, but focuses on colour, space and form to nurture, boost and enrich.
We will have one or two guest speakers, do some breath work, share a few poems.

Come and join this beautiful online event – you can just sit back and listen – or take part in the conversation.

A light-hearted and unpretentious evening for anyone who identifies as a woman.
This is a non-political and non-religious event, but spiritual at heart.


Sun 1st May 7.30-8.30pm

Mette Maya Gregersen, Danish ceramic artist, will take us through her process of creating her beautiful waves out of burnt wood and talk about how clay is the vessel through which she navigates chaotic thoughts and unconnected impressions.

Phoebe Serenity Brown, yoga teacher and breath guruess, is back with her immense wisdom and spiritual being, to fill us with joy and buzzing energy!

Do bring a poem or a text to share if you want.

Facilitated by Mi Elfverson

You will receive a Zoom link when you’ve registered.

For a few years I have wanted to create a relaxed and safe space for women to get together and feel a belonging. Where we can listen and learn, express our thoughts and ideas, find inspiration and feed our creativity.

I feel we’ve lost a lot of our community belonging here in the western world – we’ve stopped going to church, we cut the strings to our families, we might not even have a partner in our life – so it’s easy to feel a lack of belonging.

Sometimes a group or community can incite the wrong kind of action, negativity, overwhelm and rejection. We have enough of that among us already.

The Soul Sanctuary aims to be a safe and calm space, open for thoughts, ideas and connections, where spirituality meets science, where the esoteric becomes approachable… still, unpretentious, heart-centred and non-confrontational.

For questions or if you want to participate as a speaker, get in touch on:

[email protected]

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