Don’t think less of yourself

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself – it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Humility – a strange word. But think Humble. Don’t think so much of yourself. But don’t think less of yourself, just because you’re thinking of yourself less. With me?

I see so many women turning this the wrong way round and it’s counterproductive for all. Us women have a inherit way of thinking that we’re worth less than everyone else – and is there any wonder – women have literally been regarded as less worth than men, children, camels, money and war throughout the history of time. Even our own mothers have left an imprint in our head that we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves, just stay quiet and do what we’re told.

But what I’m wondering is, instead of having a fundamental feeling of self worth and rooted confidence that you’re good enough the way you are to create a successful living, do you think more about yourself instead, simply to compensate?

“I really need this, or, I deserve this, or I can’t function without my weekly this that or the other”. Of course you deserve to have what you want, but do you sometimes confuse your needs and your wants…?

This could also be on a mental level. As we’re constantly concerned about our value and intellectual capabilities, we question our head all the time. Am I functioning the way I should, do I have mental blocks, do I need to get a coach, or medication, I’m probably a bit sick, or perhaps I just need a spa day with the girls to clear things up a bit.

This creates a feeling of being constantly undervalued – but it’s just a feeling that we’ve created ourself! And often the result is that we create expensive habits to feel deserving, not because we just deserve it anyway, and we come up with things that “mummy needs”, to regain our feeling of higher status, when we could just accept ourselves for what we are and crack on with life.

When we look at the most humble women around us, they are annoyingly low maintenance and have very few needs – or wants – on a personal level. They get on with things and are quite at peace with the world around them. Usually they’re close to nature, they enjoy the little things in life and not the superficial, more expensive stuff that we think we so desperately need (you know, OPI Shellac, Neom Happiness scented candles and Unicorn tears gin) but they also don’t need much support. Because they’re good. And they have time to be there for other people. Because they’ve freed up time by eliminating their own neediness. What an easy life it would be!

Let’s see what happens if us women start thinking a bit more of ourselves and a bit less about ourselves, shall we?

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