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Weekend films with female leads

Two completely different films again, covering three different continents, but I guess what binds them together, is that beyond the human naivety and sometimes cruelty, there’s always an underlying need to be loved and appreciated.

Only the animals

Only the Animals (French, Seules les BetesBy Dominik Moll (Netflix UK)

A woman has disappeared after a snowstorm. Her car is discovered on a road to a small remote village in France.
Six people, six lives – from a cow farmer in France to a date site hacker in Côte d’Ivoire – all linked to her disappearance but no one knows why and the police has no clue where to start. It all slowly comes together in this slightly absurd, macabre story.
How anyone can make these six completely random people connect and make the story viable is beyond me, but it’s a good script, keeping you on the edge all through the movie to the last minute.
It’s worth watching, even just to get an image of what cyber hacking can look like, in an amazing performance by I think previously unknown actor Guy Roger ‘Bibisse’ N’Drin.
Tallulah (American) By Sian Heder
A young woman who lives in a van, manages to land in central Manhattan with a baby, stolen on impulse. She realises that she knows nothing about babies, she has no money and her boyfriend has disappeared.
It’s difficult to understand how you can warm towards a kidnapper, literally stealing a baby, but this young confused woman is all heart and no fear and the real mother is a complete wreck, so it’s easily done.
Lovely acting and a sweet story in this debut feature film by the writer of Orange is the new black.

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