Entering the Fifth Season

Hey, I hope you had a great summer!

I’ve really enjoyed nature’s calm this summer and kept away from city stress.

I’ve been staying over in shepherd’s huts in the middle of fields, yurts and tents, feeling part of nature with open fires, starlit skies and long walks through the woods and along the sea. Rowing, cycling, trekking and lots of yoga.

But I’m equally excited to kick off the autumn – when all above doesn’t necessarily have to stop. It’s important to stay close to nature all year round.

Most kids are now back to school, holidays are over and we need to step forward and into our autumn energy.

If you google what ‘autumn energy’ means right now, you will find that Liz Truss is Expected To Scrap Cap And Freeze Bills…

But this is not what we’re talking about here, so let’s leave that for just a moment!

Sand Photography

SandScapes at low tide, West Wittering, Sussex

Sand Photography

In Traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophy – which I like because it connects us humans closer to nature and the whole eco system – the five elements have corresponding seasons. So we’re currently in the Earth Element and the Fifth Season, as the summer transitions into autumn.

This is a time for feeling grounded and connected. It’s important that we enjoy abundance without worrying about being greedy – the earth is delivering what it’s grown and ripened over the year. So should you.

Associated organs are the spleen and stomach and digestion – the colour yellow and singing will keep you balanced!

Your autumn energy, called Metal, is part of the whole eco system, so everything retracts and slows down, it’s the transition into Water, the winter energy, a darker, softer, slower energy. So make the most of our current vibrant abundant season!

Thank you Alison of Immersive Yoga for your continued inspiration!

We have some wonderful upcoming free events with the EyeStorm Community, to get you out into the nature, to connect and to keep you in your best energy flow.

Have a look at the events and do follow the Facebook page to stay tuned.

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