They say that stress keeps going up, because women keep adding all their new roles to their old roles without crossing anything out.

It’s hard to eliminate things and say no, but if we can’t say no, we need to monitor and manage the stress level of it.

A small business owner today, handle the same amount of jobs that ten people did only a few years ago.

If you can’t afford to hire staff, you end up being the director, head of sales, head of marketing, copywriter, web designer, social media manager, book keeper, plus PA, coffee maker and cleaner?

Normally that would be different people, but now it’s just You.

Men usually don’t even start a business without hiring a PA and an account manager. Women are reluctant to take on people that cost money, we think we need to manage it all, because we’re used to it and we’re reluctant to be a “Company”, we’d rather be self sufficient.

For some of you, you will also be the main chef, chauffeur, laundrette, homework assistant and general playmate…

And then all the incoming fire online.

I just got an Email from my mum saying that they’re closing down her account if she doesn’t confirm her Apple Id, what should she do??

All theses little idiotic spam messages that can create so much stress in a flash. We’re constantly surrounded by triggers like phone calls, text messages, emails – all the incoming queries from clients, the bank, school, friends and family can be overwhelming and stressful leading to increased heart rate, overwhelm and general brain mess.

Even having the wrong alarm on in the morning can stress you out – if it’s too loud and strong, your heart is definitely bound to get a shock every morning. Add a strong coffee on top of that and your body system will be on high alert already at 8am.

Start with a slow gentle tune that makes you wake up with a smile. Have you heard about the Sunrise wakeup alarms? I’m getting one so if you can recommend one, let me know!
And of course I don’t follow this, but you shouldn’t really have coffee or tea before 10am in the morning…

You can either make yourself stronger and more resilient to handle all these things, or, you can try and reduce as many stress elements around you as possible. Or you can do a bit of both.

If you want to take your stress levels seriously, write a list. In one row, list all the things that feel overwhelming and stressful. In a row next to that, put a note from 1-10 how much it stresses you out and then make a note if you can remove the matter entirely from your life, reduce it, or if you can’t, then can you find a better and calmer way to deal with these stress elements?

Let us know what you do to manage stress levels and shield yourself from incoming fire!

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