How to Protect yourself from Stress and Aggression

A long time ago, I was getting some help to cope, while feeling stressed and under constant attack from someone I was close to.

I was seeing this magnificent old woman in London who mentored me. She was quite massive, chain smoked and spoke with a husky voice. You could say she was a mixture of a psychologist and a psychic medium.

She gave me the advice to create an Invisible Shield around myself, to protect myself from the incoming fire.

I practiced this and actually managed to master it when I needed it and it was incredibly helpful. I felt calmer and protected, as if the aggression I was meeting didn’t reach all the way in, it didn’t touch the parts that hurt me.

This simple mind practice is valuable and could come in handy at the moment. I know many people are in distress, feeling trapped at home at the moment, with someone who’s causing grief and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be physical, it could be verbal abuse or just mental pressure.

When external pressure make us feel stressed and anxious, it lowers our powers completely. From focus to immune system.

When we feel calm and safe inside, we can operate better, respond quicker to situations and stay healthier.

And for abusive people, who are taking their anger out on other people, it can be a trigger when the other person responds with weakness, allowing them to get the upper hand, it feeds their self importance and makes them even more aggressive sometimes. So staying calm and firm, can often defuse this kind of person quicker than anything else.

The person might not even be fully aware of their aggressive ways and how hurtful it is, it might be frustration coming out the wrong way, because they know no other way.

For a sensitive person, this can be full on torture. And living under the rules of someone with this behaviour is not acceptable.

Whether you belong to a group, a family, have children or you’re living alone, you’re still your own being and you’ve got to calm your own storm first to protect the inside of your heart and mind before you can calm an external situation.

By creating an imaginary shield around you to stop anything from attacking you, you can ride this through.

Stay calm and safe.


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