At a Time of Uncertainty, Invite Hope

I do believe that most of us have a survival instinct within us that is really strong, and this kicks in when we really need it.

But when an invisible enemy approaches, still keeping its distance, lurking in the shadows around the corner, it’s easy to find ourselves in a situation where we react with fear, and it may express itself in an erratic way.

The attack isn’t obvious, we’re not yet in pain, our family isn’t currently sick, our neighbours are still ok. We can’t run, but it’s difficult to stay still.

The subconscious sets things in motion.

It may show up as a new sort of headache. A grumbly tummy. A pain in a new part of our body. Sleepless nights. Early mornings.

It could come out as a snap towards our loved ones. Raised irritation over the neighbour’s noise. Restlessness, lack of focus, a frazzled mind.

Trying to analyse the fear, what it actually is that we’re most worried about, shutting down disruptive channels, talking to loved ones, listening to calm music, drinking camomile tea instead of coffee is a good start.

And go out in the sun while it’s out.

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.

Maya Angelou

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